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Welcome To Star Wars Galaxies SWG Strategy and Guide
- Complete guide including things they don't want you to know.

Ever wanted to know how someone got to Master level so fast? or people seem to have infinite amount of money? How they are able to hit for so much damage than you are?

Well guess no more ! We will show you how !


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Here's some of the things we can show you how to do
  • $150,000 Per Hour ! UPDATED: Now make 200k every 10-20mins with this easy technique
  • Automated crafting - We have showed our users how to become a Weaponsmith without crafting a single item by hand!
  • Macro mining - Set your SWG account to mine for resources while you're sleeping!
  • 3rd Party Scripts to make your "Gaming Experience" Better !
  • New Content added as they are reported to us including: bugs, exploits, and cheats!

Some of the cheats, exploits and hints that we've got
  • Slicing Exploit! This one still works as of today ( )
  • Bio-engineer exploit.
  • Kill monsters without getting attacked (3000+ xp points) for weapon skills !
  • Destroy the nest without getting hit at all to get your mission reward!
    - One of our user got 1 mil playing all day doing this !
  • Also includes things we can't publish on the front page !
  • How to get easy apprenticeship points!

A hard days work? Now you can too. All the info you need to make this happen !

" Thanks so much ! First day I signed up with you guys, I made more money in 1 day than I've made in 2 months!! Thanks again for the great 'tip' !"
- Submitted by Tom

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Need I say more?
With all the things we're going to show you, it will save you time and frustration try to make ends meat and get you moving to the more interesting things in life!
No more sitting for hours crafting the same old item. No more waiting for hours sampling resources.
Now you can do all that while you are not playing like WHILE YOU ARE ASLEEP !

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We will give you a lifetime membership account if you send a bug or exploit that is new to us.  Or if you are an excisting member, we will pay you for sending yours!

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